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Guided by a Canine Scientist and a Puppy Specialist, who have the overwhelming jobs of training litters of puppies the proper manners to live in a domesticated society. An attention stealer Bernese Mountain Dog, who thinks he knows it all and that the world revolves around him, as he interjects his training tips and sarcastic comments.

This Is Where It Starts

Premier Episode : “It’s a Lab Thing”

Puppy training is not one size fits all. Puppies have different personalities and individual learning styles which creates challenges in producing well mannered dogs. Many people face the challenge of training just one new puppy, but Training Canines, faces the challenge of training sometimes 20 plus puppies at a time.

The two man show of Kim and Christina often hear they have the glory job of playing with puppies all day. This could not be further from the truth. This 24/7 career, doesn’t have days off, or sick days, or the freedom of needing a “break”.

Challenges are tough, from raising the pups, finding customers, dealing with training issues and more.  It is not for the weak or faint of heart when puppies are facing the “poops” or are eating the poop!

Destruction is on the forefront, personalities are clashing, puppies refuse to learn, but all clients expect the perfect puppy.