“My name is Cosmos, and they call me Dr. Cos.  I am a year old, and I guess I have issues.  I was supposed to go to several homes, but I just didn’t want to.  These people would come and try to make friends with me, but I like it here at Training Canines.  They love me, and they let me do what I want.  I convinced them to let me stay and help out around here.  You see they train puppies to do amazing things!  I know because they taught me too.  Sometimes I humor them and show them I remember, but it is really more fun to keep them guessing.  Anyway, I showed them what a great “trainer” I am!  They bring in the litters and oh my I just love these little guys!  The bad part is that they leave.  That makes me sad.  I try really hard not to let it bother me, but, I miss them.  I put a lot of work in teaching them the right things (okay sometimes I do teach them things that aren’t so good) but I truly love these puppies!
Well after the last group left we have had a few weeks without pups.  They told me it will be a little longer before I can play with the new group.  What am I going to do?  Well I guess since I haven’t been really eating much, they decided they were going to do what they could to help me.  Plus…they said there is this thing called cancer.  It really sounds scary.  So they are going to make all these things for me to eat now.  Sounds boring to me…not a real big foodie.  But..I will humor them, only until the next pups need me.
We have done a couple of episodes of the cooking show,but if you really want to see me in action and what we teach these pups click on the episode page and you can see everything I taught our last litter!”